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  1. Trump, who wanted a TV legal team, is 'distracted' by impeachment trial, source says  CNN
  2. Trump impeachment senators aren't supposed to be 'jurors' or partisan hacks  Los Angeles Times
  3. 'It's going to be devastating': Senators gear up for no-talking, no-electronics impeachment trial rules  CNN
  4. Newt Gingrich: Trump impeachment will bring Pelosi and House Democrats condemnation by history  Fox News
  5. The GOP's Senate impeachment trial strategy got blown up by Trump's legal team — for good reason  NBC News
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  1. Trump privately told donors new details about Soleimani airstrike at Mar-a-Lago fundraiser  The Washington Post
  2. Trump brags he killed '2 for the price of 1' in Soleimani strike  Business Insider
  3. Hear Trump detail Soleimani strike to GOP donors  CNN
  4. Trump reveals details of Qassem Soleimani strike at Mar-a-Lago fundraiser  New York Post
  5. Trump Tells Donors Soleimani Was Killed After “Saying Bad Things About Our Country”  Slate
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  1. Delta Airlines faces air quality violation, lawsuit after jet fuel dumped on people  ABC News
  2. California teachers sue following Delta fuel dump over Los Angeles-area schools  Fox News
  3. Delta Air Lines sued by California teachers over fuel dump  BBC News
  4. Cudahy residents angry over environmental injustice of jet fuel dump  Los Angeles Times
  5. Ask the Captain: Why do planes have to dump fuel before making emergency landings?  USA TODAY
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