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  1. Inside the jockeying to prosecute Donald Trump's impeachment  NBC News
  2. Dems plow ahead with impeachment articles, in heated all-day session  Fox News
  3. Impeachment in the House Is the Victory  The New York Times
  4. Republicans admit it: Senate impeachment trial of Trump will be a total sham  Salon
  5. House Republicans' Trump impeachment strategy is simple: Distract, deceive and yell  NBC News
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  1. US has a phase one trade deal with China in principle pending Trump's approval  CNBC
  2. U.S. Makes Tariff-Cut Offer to China as Tariff Deadline Nears  The Wall Street Journal
  3. Stocks Rise After Trump Says White House 'Very Close' to China Deal  Bloomberg Politics
  4. WTO Paralysis Means Law of the Jungle  Bloomberg
  5. A 'wimpy' trade deal will be enough for markets as long as there are no new tariffs  CNBC
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  1. Jersey City shooting: Who are the Black Hebrew Israelites?  USA TODAY
  2. Rashida Tlaib deletes tweet blaming 'white supremacy' for New Jersey shooting  Washington Times
  3. Jersey City shooters apparently fueled by hatred of Jews and law enforcement, attorney general says  CNN
  4. Jersey City shooters had ‘tremendous amount of firepower.’ Attack investigated as domestic terror, AG says  NJ.com
  5. Jersey City gunman was a Black Hebrew Israelite, so don't expect to hear much more about the shooting  Washington Examiner
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