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Russell Brand, Charlotte Church to address anti-austerity march

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Demonstrators hang a banner in front of the Houses of Parliament during an anti-austerity protest in London on May 30, 2015

Comedian Russell Brand and singer Charlotte Church are among celebrities who will address thousands expected to join an anti-austerity march in London on Saturday. The march, predicted by organisers to be London’s biggest in years, will go from the Bank of England in the City of London to Westminster’s Parliament Square, followed by a rally there. Protesters will call for the halting and reversal of spending cuts imposed by the previous Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition and further measures proposed by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne for the new Conservative government to enact.

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Google acts to curb ‘revenge porn’ from search results

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Google said it would soon put up an online form that will allow "revenge porn" victims to make requests to remove these items from search queries

Google said Friday it was taking steps to remove from search results “revenge porn,” or sexually explicit images of people posted without their consent. The Internet search giant said it would soon put up an online form that will allow victims to make requests to remove these items from Google search queries. “We’ve heard many troubling stories of ‘revenge porn': an ex-partner seeking to publicly humiliate a person by posting private images of them, or hackers stealing and distributing images from victims’ accounts,” Google search vice president Amit Singhal said in a blog post.

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France terror suspect claims he thwarted church attack

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The steeple of the Saint-Cyr and Sainte-Julitte church, a probably a target of Sid Ahmed Ghlam, seen in Villejuif, outside Paris, on April 22, 2015

An Algerian man accused of murdering a woman and planning an attack on a church on the southern edge of Paris claimed in court on Friday he had actually foiled the terror plot, his lawyers said. Sid Ahmed Ghlam, 24, was taken into custody on April 19 after he accidentally shot himself in the leg, a fluke occurrence that led police to uncovering an alleged plot against a church in the Villejuif suburb. Paris prosecutors say they found documents at his residence about Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group, and that he had been in touch with a possible jihadist …read more

Two hundred years on, guns roar anew at Waterloo

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History enthusiasts take part in the first part of a re-enactement of the Battle of Waterloo, "The French Attack", during the celebrations of its 200th anniversary in Waterloo, Belgium, on June 19, 2015

The sounds of war rang out on the fields of Belgium on Thursday as the Battle of Waterloo was restaged 200 years after the clash that ended Napoleon’s imperial ambitions and changed the course of European history. Around 60,000 spectators from around the world were on hand to watch a spectacle which had sold out months ago, seated in huge stands capable of housing more people than Belgium’s national football stadium. Deafening cannon fire erupted from both sides as “troops” in full livery advanced across the same damp fields south of Belgium where 47,000 people were killed or wounded two …read more

Flow of migrants from Libya to continue: EU border agency

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Military personnel scan the horizon from the deck of the Belgian Navy Vessel Godetia, one of the fleet of EU Navy Vessels taking part in the Triton migrant rescue operation, as it leaves the Augusta harbour on June 18, 2015, in Italy

People traffickers in Libya know they are untouchable and the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean is set to continue, the EU’s border agency has told AFP. The smugglers who pack thousands of people on unseaworthy boats for Europe “are organising these departures without risk of being arrested, so for as long as the situation in Libya remains what it is, these flows will continue,” Frontex spokeswoman Izabella Cooper said. Cooper was speaking Thursday aboard the Belgian navy ship Godetia, which was carrying out a patrol as part of the EU’s Triton border security operation that alongside the Italian coast …read more

‘The Dead Are Coming': Berlin activists bury refugee killed at sea

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Berlin Imam Abdallah Hajjir (L) directs pallbearers carrying the coffin of an unidentified Syrian refugee who died while making his way to Germany, during a funeral in a Berlin cemetery on June 19, 2015

With a warning that “the dead are coming”, German activists staged a Berlin funeral Friday for a Syrian refugee who died on the Mediterranean, highlighting the tragedy of the thousands killed while trying to reach Europe. The ceremony was organised by the protest art group “Center for Political Beauty” which called the dead man’s transport from Italy and burial part of a programme of “performance art of an unprecedented magnitude”. The controversial group has plastered Berlin with posters proclaiming that “The Dead Are Coming” while announcing a series of such burials and reburials of refugees who drowned or died in …read more

Accidental conflict is ‘true danger of Russia-West clash’

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Pro-Russian rebels in Gorlivka, Donetsk region, launch missiles from a Grad launch vehicle toward a position of the Ukrainian forces in Debaltseve

Military posturing and increasingly hostile rhetoric between Russia and the West are raising the risk of an accidental slide towards a wider conflict that neither nuclear-armed side wants, experts warn. Within days of reports that the United States was poised to send heavy military equipment to eastern Europe and the Baltic states, Russia retorted by announcing it planned to add 40 intercontinental nuclear missiles to its arsenal. It was the latest in a string of threats and confrontations that have included Russian aircraft buzzing a US destroyer and British fighter jets scrambling after two Russian military aircraft flew near UK …read more

EU approves military mission to tackle migrant smugglers: sources

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EU member states approved plans on Friday to launch as early as next week the first phase of a military operation against people smugglers in the Mediterranean, sources said

EU member states approved plans on Friday to launch as early as next week the first phase of a military operation against people smugglers in the Mediterranean, sources said. “Everything is now in place so that EU foreign ministers meeting Monday can approve the launch of the mission,” one EU diplomat told AFP. Other sources said member states have committed to supply enough ships and aircraft to allow the first, intelligence gathering phase of the operation to go ahead.

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