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Pentagon chief seeks NATO spending boost to counter Russia

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US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter testifies before the House Armed Services Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, June 17, 2015

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter will visit his European counterparts this week to take stock of cooperation with NATO in the wake of Russian aggression in Crimea and Ukraine. The visit comes as officials say Washington’s relationship with the Western military bloc is at its strongest in decades. “This month the US and NATO have achieved their highest operational tempo of training and exercises since Cold War,” a US defense official said Friday.

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Albanians vote in elections seen as test of democratic credentials

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Albanians cast their ballots in local elections at a polling station in the village of Surrel, near Tirana, on June 21, 2015

Albania went to the polls Sunday in local elections seen as a test of the Balkan country’s fragile democracy as it pushes to join the European Union. Since the fall of communism in the early 1990s, Albanian elections have been often marred by violence and accusations of fraud from all sides. Opposition leader Lulzim Basha, the mayor of the capital Tirana, has billed the vote as a “popular referendum against the ruling majority”, and has already warned they could be “fake and rigged”.

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Austere brand of Islam on rise in Europe, stirring concerns

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FILE - In this file photo dated Tuesday, May 26, 2015 a man makes a phone call as he walk past a mosque in Oullins outside Lyon, central France. The mosque won an unusual case last week against a Salafi worshipper taken to court after months of tension. The case was thought to be the first in France by Muslims against a Muslim invoking a 1905 law to guarantee secularism _ used by the government to pass bans on headscarves and face-covering veils. (AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani, File)

PARIS (AP) — Its imams preach austere piety, its tenets demand strict separation of sexes — and some of its most radical adherents are heeding the call of jihad. Salafism, an Islamic movement based on a literal reading of the Quran, is on the rise in France, Germany and Britain, security officials say, with Salafis sharply increasing their influence in mosques and on the streets.

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Britain wins EU games and sets but match never ends

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Britain's PM Cameron arrives to attend an EU-CELAC Latin America summit in Brussels

By Paul Taylor BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Britain has a long history of short-lived negotiating triumphs in Europe. When Prime Minister David Cameron outlines his objectives for yet another renegotiation-to-end-all-renegotiations at a European Union summit this week, ahead of a referendum he has promised voters before the end of 2017, his 27 partners may feel a weary sense of deja vu. “I would be surprised if this referendum did resolve Britain’s relationship with Europe,” said a senior European diplomat close to the discussions.

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Thousands rally against immigration in Bratislava

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Participants wave flags and hold a banner reading "Slovakia is not Africa" during an anti-immigration rally organised by an initiative called "Stop Islamisation of Europe" in Bratislava, Slovakia on June 20, 2015

The rally organised by a group called Stop the Islamisation of Europe drew up to 8,000 people, according to Slovakian media, while the police declined to give an estimate. Protesters included Marian Kotleba, the governor of a central Slovakian region and founder of the far-right People’s Party Our Slovakia. “I wish you a nice, white day… we are here to save Slovakia,” Kotleba told the crowd.

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Berlin, Rome, Paris protesters say yes to migrants

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A protestor holds a sign reading "Castles for refugees" during a Blockupy demonstration in Berlin on June 20, 2015

Thousands of people took to the streets in several European cities on Saturday, in a show of solidarity with migrants seeking refuge in Europe and against austerity measures in debt-ridden Greece. In Berlin, some 3,700 turned out according to local police, while organisers said 10,000 participated in a protest held on World Refugee Day, that had been called by German opposition parties Die Linke (The Left) and Gruenen (The Greens). This “technocratic, cold and neoliberal Europe that is led by Germany is unbearable”, read one poster held up by a demonstrator.

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