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Bosnia asks Swiss to hand over wartime defender of Srebrenica

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Bosnian Muslim Oric sits in courtroom of ICTY as he waits for judgement on his appeal in The Hague

Bosnia asked Switzerland on Monday to hand over the wartime Muslim defender of Srebrenica and not extradite him to Serbia, in a row that threatens to overshadow the 20th anniversary of the massacre. Naser Oric, a hero to many Bosnian Muslims, was arrested by Swiss police last week on a warrant issued in 2014 by Serbia accusing him of war crimes against Bosnian Serbs in the Srebrenica region during the 1992-95 Bosnian war. A Bosnian army commander at the time, Oric was in charge of organizing the defense of Srebrenica, a designated United Nations “safe area”, from Bosnian Serb forces.

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PM Renzi’s popularity drop dims Italy’s reform prospects

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Italian PM Renzi gestures during the news conference at the Expo 2015 global fair in Milan

By Isla Binnie ROME (Reuters) – Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s drive to reform one of Europe’s most sluggish economies is being threatened by a sharp drop in voter support amid repeated corruption scandals and an immigration crisis. Renzi’s personal popularity has dropped 33 percentage points over the past year, according to pollster Demos, despite a tentative return to growth after three years of recession. The fast-talking 40-year-old toppled his predecessor in a party coup 16 months ago, promising to put a new face on tired, corrupt Italian politics and shake up inefficient institutions.

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NATO head says alliance to more than double size of rapid response force

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NATO head Jens Stoltenberg says the rapid response force will increase from 30,000 to 40,000 troops

NATO head Jens Stoltenberg said Monday the alliance will approve plans this week to more than double the size of its rapid response force, having already created a special spearhead unit in the fallout from the Ukraine crisis. “NATO defence ministers … (will) take a decision to further increase the strength and capacity of the NATO Response Force to 30,000 to 40,000 troops, more than double its current size,” Stoltenberg said ahead of a meeting Wednesday and Thursday in Brussels. The US-led alliance set up what is known as the NATO Response Force in 2002, based on some 13,000 troops …read more

U.S. won’t let Russia ‘drag us back to the past': Pentagon chief

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U.S. Defense Secretary Carter testifies next to U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman General Dempsey before a House Armed Services Committee hearing in Washington

By Phil Stewart BERLIN (Reuters) – The United States and its allies won’t let Russia “drag us back to the past”, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said in an address in Berlin on Monday, as he accused Moscow of trying to re-create a Soviet-era sphere of influence. Russia’s intervention in Ukraine has put NATO allies in eastern Europe on edge and triggered a series of military moves by the NATO alliance, including an acceleration of exercises and the creation of a NATO rapid response force. Carter, who will view components of that NATO force later on Monday, said the alliance …read more

Greek deal hopes rise ahead of crunch summit

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A protester holds a Greek flag in front of the parliament at an anti-austerity demo in Athens on July 21, 2015

Greece’s creditors saw a ray of hope Monday as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras went into an emergency eurozone summit aimed at finding a deal to save Athens from default and a possible exit from the euro. The European Commission said eleventh-hour reform proposals submitted by Tsipras Sunday night were a “good basis for progress” while France said that “quality work” had been done to end five months of deadlock. Greece’s new offer is the last chance for Athens to avoid defaulting on a 1.6-billion-euro IMF payment on June 30 and prevent it from crashing out of the single currency and …read more

Moscow ‘powerless to stop’ Russians from fighting in Ukraine

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A pro-Russian rebel stands guard in the village of Spartak near Donetsk airport on April 10, 2015

Nikolai Patrushev, the hawkish former chief of the federal security service (FSB) who currently sits at the helm of President Vladimir Putin’s group of security advisors, said the conflict is fuelled by US attempts to wipe out Russia. “Emotions go into play, people head over there and fight,” Patrushev said in a wide-ranging interview to Kommersant newspaper published Monday. The 15-month-long conflict in Ukraine has claimed the lives of nearly 6,500 people and driven more than a million from their homes.

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