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The Australian Graduate School of Management
At The University of New South Wales. Provides premier management training and research in the fields of business management.
Macquarie Graduate School of Management
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - Business
University of Technology, Sydney School of Finance and Economics
The School of Finance and Economics is one of the largest Schools within the Faculty of Business.
Vienna University of Economics
Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School
Founded in 1953, the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School is Belgium´┐Żs oldest and most renowned management school. The school offers a high-quality International MBA programme and numerous reputed management training courses for company executives. The Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School is both associated with the KULeuven and the Ghent University.
Dalhousie U., Faculty of Management, School of Business Administration
Areas of special interest at the school are international business and information technology.
Simon Fraser Universtity, Faculty of Business Administration
Committed to strengthening offerings in international business studies, focusing particularly on North America and the Pacific Rim, and to increasing emphasis on giving students knowledge of, and competence in, the use of computers in business.
Richard Ivey School of Business
At the University of Western Ontario. Ranked among the world's best business schools by publications such as Business Week, Canadian Business, Asia Inc. and The Economist Intelligence Unit. Known for its teaching excellence based on the case study method of learning, and high-calibre management research, Richard Ivey School of Business has produced more senior executives than any other business school in Canada.
Czech Republic
The Czech Management Center
The mission of The Czech Management Center is to provide the highest quality education for business and academic leaders and to promote the advancement of the understanding and practice of management through research.
Copenhagen Business School
One of Denmark's largest institutions of higher education and also one of the largest business schools in Europe.
Estonian Business School
The mission of the EBS is to provide programs whereby graduates of the school will utilize the professional business knowledge generated by research-oriented academic and business organizations, and then successfully apply such knowledge to real-world practical business problems.
Helsinki Business Polytechnic
Swedish School of Economics and Business Information
Paris Graduate School of Management
ESCP's educational goal is to train future executives who marster the whole range of management functions upon successful completion of a three-year program.
THESEUS Institute
An innovative joint-venture created in 1988 by leading European organizations in business, academia and government, offers unique MBA and Executive Education programs designed to meet the needs of business readying themselves for the information age.
University of Frankfurt Institute for Capital Market Research
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business
At University College Dublin. The Graduate School of Business is a university management school which exists to contribute to social and economic development - not just of individuals, but of industry, commerce and the community as a whole.
The University of Dublin, Trinity College
Faculty of Business, Economic and Social Studies
Jerusalem School of Business Administration
At Hebrew University. The school places great emphasis on group teaching, projects and tutorials aimed at developing the student's ability to interact productively and creatively in an environment of problem analysis and solution.
International University of Japan Graduate School of International Management
Accredited by Japan's Ministry of Education. It is unique in its philosophy of blending the best of different concepts and techniques to prepare managers for the complexities and challenges of a global business environment.
Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration
The MBA program serves the purpose of promoting overall administrative capabilities which can foster such managerial talent as a tough mind, keen insight, lively creativity, and a broad perspective commonly required for managers in various industries.
The Netherlands
Nijenrode University, the Netherlands Business School
Rotterdam School of Management
At Erasmus University.
New Zealand
University of Canterbury Department of Management
University of Waikato School of Management Studies
Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
The responsibilities of the School are to engage in teaching and research in the fields of economics, management and business administration and related subject areas.
AESE - Escola de Direcção e Negócios
Our aim is to offer professional formation to executives, within a Christian perspective of man andsociety.
The Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest
Nanyang Business School
At Nanyang Technological University. In less than three decades, the School's accountancy program has earned world-wide recognition - its graduates are readily accepted by the business community and its Degrees are recognised by reputable overseas Universities.
National University of Singapore Faculty of Business Administration
Our mission is to develop high-quality globally-oriented managers with strong functional skills and clear understanding of the economic, social, legal and cultural environment in which the organisation operates.
South Korea
Chung-Ang University College of Business Administration
With the longest history and academic tradition of its kind, the College is recognized as the first to offer higher education in business administration in Korea. The College has fully devoted itself to training young individuals as competent entrepreneurs and managers, with emphasis upon the role business firms play in society.
International Graduate School of Management
At the University of Navarra. An international graduate school of management with a professional approach to management education, a humanistic view, and a true university character.
Jönköping International Business School
As of March 12, 1996 the site is only in Swedish; however, they state that the site will be in English soon.
Umeå Business School
University of St.Gallen, Institute of Management
Bilkent University Faculty of Business Administration
The central concern of the programs is to develop the skills required to confront the challenges of a changing world. The successful managers of the future should be able to cope with the complexities of change and an economic environment which is best characterized by keen competition.
United Kingdom
Birkbeck College, University of London
Information about the Postgraduate Certificate in Economics
Cranfield School of Management
At Cranfield University
European Business Management School
At the University of Wales, Swansea. Provides a wide range of quantitatively based Business and Management Degree schemes with a major European orientation. It is committed to high quality in both teaching and research and attracts top calibre staff and students from both the UK and Europe.
Imperial College Management School
One of the colleges at the University of London
London Business School
One of the world's centres of excellence in management education and development. London Business School is international, creating flexible, culturally mobile managers and enabling companies, large and small, to compete in the global market.
University of Birmingham School of Business
University of Edinburgh Management School
Edinburgh University Management School caters exclusively for mature individualswho wish to broaden their work experience, deepen their understanding of management and,ultimately, further their careers.
University of Plymouth Business School
University of Strathclyde Department of Management Science
United States
Arizona State University College of Business
California Polytechnic at San Luis Obispo Graduate Management Programs
Four programs are offered: A General Management Program; An Agribusiness Management Program; An Architecture Management Program; An Engineering Management Program.
Charles H. Lundquist College of Business
At the University of Oregon. A close-knit learning community dedicated to educating and supporting entrepreneurial managers for the rapidly changing business environment.
Haas School of Business
At University of California, Berkeley
Harvard Business School
The H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University
The John M. Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis
The internationally-recognized business teaching and research institution at Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri.
Kelley School of Business
At Indiana University - Bloomington, the Kelley School of Business has a variety of academic programs available on Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses.
New York University
Sloan School of Management
At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Stanford University Graduate School of Business
The Stanford Business School is a community of people who make an impact on the world aroundthem, who believe in the power of ideas, and who experience daily the excitement of change that new ideas generate.
Thunderbird, Graduate School of International Management
Thunderbird, a private graduate school founded in 1946, is recognized as the leader in its field. The Thunderbird curriculum is a unique three-part program of language, international studies, and international business. 1997 Business Week Magazine ranked Thunderbird Graduate School Executive Programs No. 1 in Global Business.
University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management
University of Kansas School of Business
Business Week ranks the School's MBA program as one of the top 15 bargains nationwide in its guide, The Best Business Schools (5th ed., 1996). KU's School of Business is one of 70 nationwide profiled in The Princeton Review Student Access Guide to the Best Business Schools (6th ed., 1996). The new MBA program builds on the traditional strengths that have earned KU its solid reputation: an emphasis on a broad-based education to support lifetime learning, and close interaction with professors who excel in teaching and research.
University of Michigan Business School
The University of Michigan Business School is one of the world's premier organizations for research and teaching in management.
University of Texas
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Virginia
University of Washington Business School
Here you will find professors who are accomplished teachers as well as leaders in their fields, interesting and diverse students who are highly competent, yet collegial, and a challenging MBA Program that focuses on the needs of business while fostering a supportive learning environment.
Wallace E. Carroll School of Management
At Boston College. Founded by the Society of Jesus in 1863, Boston College has earned distinction as a premier Jesuit university and as a world-class institution of higher learning.
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Recognized around the world for its innovative leadership and broad academic strengths across every major discipline and at every level of business education.

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