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Country Basics
o About Taiwan
Detailed information about Taiwan on Wikipedia.
o Government Information Office
The official website of The Republic of China (Taiwan).
o Facts about Taiwan
The CIA world factbook site contains a brief historical past in Taiwan.
o Travel in Taiwan
Government website for traveling in Taiwan.
o Taiwan In-depth
o US State Department Travel Advisory for Taiwan
o TLK Technology Co. Ltd.
TLK is a company with the most experienced communication solution and the persons from different countries worked are with great enthusiasm to serve our customers.
o Colliers International
The full range of our property services offered includes: sales, leasing, property and project management, valuation, research and consultancy. Our expertise stretches from general agency services in the commercial, industrial, retail and residential sectors to specialised and tailor- made support.
Government Links
o Information for Foreigners
This site serves as a help for foreigners to adapt to the local living environment and promote the quality of their life in Taiwan.
o Central Bank of China
The Central Trust of China (CTC) is a government-owned institution devoted to the implementation of government policy.
o Ministry of Justice, Investigation Bureau (MJIB)
The Ministry of Justice is committed to combating transnational organized crime in Taiwan.
o Ministry of Education
The Ministry of Education of the R.O.C was established upon the founding of the Republic in 1912.It is in charge of making and implementing educational policies.
o Executive Yuan
There are currently a total of 34 subordinate organizations under the Executive Yuan, including eight ministries, the Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, the Government Information Office, and other special commissions and ad hoc committees.
o National Immigration Agency
Since September 1, 2003, the Bureau of Immigration interviewing mainland brides to stop mainland women from coming to work in Taiwan through fake marriages.
o Invest In Taiwan
The Department of Investment Services (DOIS, formerly known as the Indusrial Development and Investment Center, IDIC) serves to promote Taiwan an investment destination among foreign and Taiwanese businesses, and to consolidate the strength of public and private-sector businesses in Taiwan.
o Bureau of National Health Insurance
With the implementation of the BNHI in 1995, through risk pooling, the public has obtained comprehensive medical care such as health prevention, clinical care, hospitalization, resident care and social rehabilitation.
o China Post
A Pan-Blue leaning news media in Taiwan.
o Taipei Times
A Pan-Green leaning news media in Taiwan.
o Taiwan News Online
Neutral news media in Taiwan
o Star TV
The heart of Taiwan, STAR Chinese Channel is the Mandarin-language family entertainment channel produced specially for Taiwanese audiences. Consistently one of the countrys most popular cable channels, it presents a wide range of programming.
Political Parties
o Democratic Progressive Party
The Democratic Progressive Party is the biggest opposition party in Taiwan. One of their platforms is the declaration of independence of Taiwan.
o Taiwan Solidarity Union
Unlike the Democratic Progressive Party, its larger companion party in the pan-green coalition, the TSU actively campaigns for the creation of a de jure Republic of Taiwan. It was officially founded on July 24, 2001 and is considered part of the Pan-Green Coalition. The party prided itself on being the first to include "Taiwan" in its name.
o Kuomingtang
The party originated in mainland China in 1912. It was organized by Song Jiaoren and Sun Yat-sen shortly after the Xinhai Revolution, which overthrew the Qing Dynasty. The KMT fought the Beiyang warlords, the Imperial Japanese Army, and the Communist Party of China for the control of China. Led by Chiang Kai-shek, it was a major force in Chinese politics for several decades before its retreat to Taiwan in 1949.
o People First Party
The official goals of PFP, as regards to cross-strait relationships and diplomacy, is for the ROC to: participate in more international organizations, promote Chinese culture overseas and seek economic and cultural interaction between Taiwan and the mainland. Its views are seen as generally favorable towards Chinese reunification and staunchly against Taiwan independence.
In-Country Search Engines
o Yahoo Search Engine
o Chang Hwa Bank
When Taiwan was restored to the ROC government on October 25, 1945, the Bank's predecessor established a preparatory office to reorganize as today's Chang Hwa Bank.
o Central Trust of China
The Central Trust of China (CTC) is a government-owned institution devoted to the implementation of government policy.
o Bank of Taiwan
The Bank of Taiwan (BOT) was established on May 20, 1946 as the first government-owned bank following the island's restoration to the Republic of China in 1945.
o Mega International Commercial Bank
o Banc SinoPac
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. has come into being as a result of the merger of The International Commercial Bank of China and Chiao Tung Bank. Both banks have been proud of their longtime histories of outstanding track records in our country.
o Banc SinoPac
Bank SinoPac was one of the first newly incorporated banks in Taiwan after the Banking Law was revised in 1989 to allow the entry of new private banks.
o Taishin International Bank
The Bank's main items of business include deposits, loans, bills discounting, remittances, guarantees, short-term bills brokerage and proprietary trading, import and export negotiation, foreign-currency deposits, trust, agency, custodianship, credit cards, cash cards, trading in derivative products, factoring, and offshore banking.
Financial Services
o Tawian Stock Exchange Corp.
The official website of stock exchange in Taiwan.
o Citibank
Citigroup is proud to have had a strong presence in Taiwan since the opening of our first branch in 1965. Currently, Citibank has 11 branches and 3,200 staffs in Taiwan and is the most premier and profitable foreign bank.
In Taiwan, the HSBC Group's history dates back to 1885 when The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited appointed an agent in Tamsui, with a full branch being established in Taipei in 1984.
o Morgan Stanley Asia (Taiwan) Limited
Morgan Stanley has a strong franchise in Taiwan, having operated in the market for more than 15 years. In 2006 the firm was the first to change the legal entity status of its securities business via demerger to a Taiwan subsidiary in order to expand its product offering in the Taiwan market.
Law Firms
o Wang, Hartmann & Gibbs, P.C.
Wang, Hartmann & Gibbs, P.C., is headquartered in Newport Beach, California, with an office in San Jose, California. Our goal is to provide practical and cost-effective solutions tailored to the legal needs of both businesses and individuals.
o LCS & Partners
Established in July, 1998, is an elite corporate law firm in Taiwan and regularly advises top-tier domestic and international clients.�
o Acer
Founded in 1976, Acer ranks among the world's top five branded PC vendors.
o Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.
TSMC created the semiconductor dedicated foundry industry when it was founded in 1987. It continues as the market leader by steadily increasing its capital spending and by out performing all other market competitors.
o Asus
ASUS, a technology-oriented company blessed with one of the world's top R&D teams, is well known for high-quality and innovative technology. As a leading provider of 3C (computers, communications and consumer electronics) total solutions, ASUS offers a complete product portfolio to compete in the new millennium.
o Nan Ya Plastics Corporation
Our Group comprises Formosa Plastics. Nan Ya Plastics, Formosa Chemicals and Fibre, Formosa petrochemical,and more than a dozen affiliated companies and overseas inves- tments.In addition.we run Ming Chin Institute of Technology,Chang Gun Memorial Hospital,Chang Gung University and Chang Gun Institute of Nursing no a non-profit basis.
o Eva Airlines
Chairman and founder Dr. Chang Yung-Fa formed EVA Air in March 1989, lifting the impeccable transportation heritage and tradition of quality service long established by container-shipping leader Evergreen Marine Corporation to new heights. Within a few months, he had placed an order with the Boeing Company and McDonnell Douglas for 26 aircraft at a purchase value of US$3.6 billion, a move that immediately got the attention of the global aviation market.
o China Airlines
For decades, China Airlines has derived its strength from the concerted effort of all of its staff. Teamwork is the key, and that is born from the synergy of every action of every employee. From its highly experienced engineers and technicians, to its warm and friendly inflight and ground personnel, to its corporate managers and human resources professionals.
o Taiwan High Speed Rail
With the expectation of 23 million people in Taiwan, we developed from nothing and made the dream of stringing eight cities within 80 minutes come true, within eight years, with efforts from 4,000 specialists from 23 countries, in spite of unexpected challenges and difficulties that emerged during construction.
Real Estate
o Sinyi Real Estate
Sinyi Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd., is the first appraisal organization in Taiwan that receives ISO 9001 certification and with sufficient experience and information accumulated for the preparation of "Real Estate Statement" and "Property Title Inspection Report."
o YungChing Real Estate
Known as one of the best real estate firms in Taiwan, YungChing Real Estate has been voted the best customer service, meeting every demand of its customers.
Insurance Companies
o Citibank Insurance
Citi provides you a wide range of insurance product and services, including life, property and casualty insurance, so you may have peace in your mind.
o ING Group Insurance
Operating in Taiwan since 1988, ING Antai offers individual customers a wide range of life insurance products via its 12,000 insurance agents and third-party banks. For mutual funds, customers are able to choose between a range of onshore domiciled funds via ING�s joint venture with Chang Hwa Bank, ING CHB Funds, and a range of offshore funds products with ING Funds.
o Cathay Financial Holdings
Cathy Financial Holdings is composed of insurance, securities, banking and other diversified financial institutions, Cathay Financial Holdings has become a full-functioning financial platform.
o First Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
First Commercial Bank is the most established bank in Taiwan in terms of history, strength, and reputation. For over hundred years, First Commercial Bank has always abided by its mottos of supporting economic constructions, developing industrial and commercial businesses, providing comprehensive financial services, and creating welfare for the general public.
o Union Insurance Company Limited
For over 40 years, Union has exhibited a reliable management with outstanding operational flexibilities. Union has maintained a leader in the industry by achieving growth through innovation. The merger with CMAC increased Union's organizational structure significantly, preparing the Company to becoming a global insurer.
o Blogger
Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP.
o Taiwan Travel Blogs
Personal travel blog about Taiwan�
o Forumosa
Forumosa, a website for foreigners, is a discussion site on everything about Taiwan.

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