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Country Basics
o The Republic of Korea Official Website
Your gateway to Korea�
o Wikipedia on Korea
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the country.
o Facts about Korea
Features a map and brief descriptions of geography, economy, government, and people.
o Travel in Korea
Prepare for your trip to South Korea with travel information and reservations, language lessons, culture, food, entertainment, and news.
o South Korea In-depth
o US State Department Travel Advisory for South Korea
Government Links
o Executive Branch Directories
A list of all executive branches of Korea�
Political Parties
o Grand National Party
The Grand National Party is a conservative-leaning opposition political party in South Korea.
o Democratic Labor Party
A political party of workers, peasantry, urban poor, small businessmen, women, students and progressive intellectuals
o The Millennium Democratic Party
The Democratic Party is a political party of South Korea. It used to be called Millennium Democratic Party (MDP), or Saecheonnyeon Minju-dang , but changed its name to the present form on May 6, 2005.
o The United Liberal Democrats
ULD was founded as a party representing the conservative middle class under the leadership of Rep. Jong-pil Kim. Rep. Kim was elected president of the ULD.
o Wikipedia
A list of South Korean companies provided by Wikipedia�
Real Estate
o Choi Real Estate
Choi's real estate offers a wide range of service including: renting, selling, buying, cleaning, and moving.
o SeoulApartment
Free search for apartments and houses�
o Google Real Estate
A list of real estate firms provided by real estate�
o Business 2.0
Business 2.0 Magazine is a magazine in Seoul, Korea (South) covering general news.
o CNN Korea
CNN Korea is a TV station in Seoul, Korea (South) covering general news.
o Samsung Economic Research Institute
We at the Samsung Economic Research Institute, or SERI, have set overriding goals for making the institute one of the best research organizations in Asia and beyond, until the year 2010. One is called the Q-Innovation intended to improve the quality of our research output and the other the G-Innovation designed to widen the scope of our research to international issues while broadening our activities to global stage.
In-Country Search Engines
o Empass
Empas.com is a webportal with a directory included of South Korean websites. The website is in the Korean language.
o Google Korea
Google Korea search engine�
o Yahoo Korea
Yahoo Korea search engine�
o Lycos Korea
Lycos Korea search engine�
o Mamman
Mamman.com is a small webportal with a directory included of South Korean websites. This "Gateway to Korea" website is in the Korean language.
o Naver
Naver.com is a webportal with a directory included of South Korean websites. The website is in the Korean language.
o Simmani
Simmani.com is an extensive webportal with a directory included of South Korean websites. The website is in the Korean language.
o The Bank of Korea
Since its establishment in 1950, the Bank of Korea has served as Korea's central bank, with a commitment to pursuing monetary stability and sound development of the Korean economy.
o Hana Bank
Introduces Hana Bank, its domestic and international banking system, and services. A guide to current major issues and annual reports can be downloaded.
HSBC Holdings plc is one of the largest banking and financial service organisations in the world. The HSBC Group has some 9,500 offices in 80 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. Browse Korean website.
o Industrial Bank of Korea
IBK provides offline and online Internet banking. Browse here for the bank's business profile, exchange rates, IR, annual reports, and other quick facts.
o Kookmin Bank
Introduces Kookmin Bank, a specialized financial service bank for individuals and small and medium enterprises. Introduces its financial structure and services for foreigners. Offers investment information.
o Korea Banking Institute
Established in 1976, Korea Banking Institute is a non-profit educational organization exclusively devoted to the development of the Korean banking and financial services industry employees.
o Korea Development Bank
An easy to navigate website containing information about KDB, products & services, investor relations, research, latest headlines, and a bulletin board on the main menu.
o Korea Federation of Banks
As a trade association of banks in Korea, the KFB represents and promotes the interests of the banking industry. It serves as a mediator providing a forum in response to initiatives from its members and conveying their opinions to the authorities concerned...
o Korea Exchange Bank
Established in 1967 by the Korean government,the bank has grown to provide various costumer services like corporate and personal lending, international trade financing, foreign exchange services, deposit-taking and checking account services, investment banking services, credit card services, and others.
o Korea Eximbank
Get info about the bank, financing service, EDCF, IKCF, costumer service, bank's network, annual report, and news, among other things.
o Shinhan Bank
Introduces Shinhan Bank of Korea. Provides related financial information on private & corporate finance, foreign currencies, credit card task, saving rates and exchange rates.
o Woori Bank
Formerly the Hanvit Bank which was created from the merger of The Commercial Bank of Korea and Hanil Bank on January 4, 1999. With the continuous efforts of its management, Hanvit underwent another round of merger with other commercial banks which resulted into the creation of Woori Bank.
Financial Services
o Korea Exim Bank
The Export-Import Bank of Korea is an official export credit agency providing comprehensive export credit and project finance to support Korean enterprises in conducting business internationally. Since its establishment in 1976, the Bank has endeavored to facilitate the development of the national economy and enhance economic cooperation with foreign countries as a financial catalyst.
Law Firms
o Law Directories in Korea
Directories of law firms offered by the government of Korea�
Insurance Companies
o Korea Securities Depository
KSD is a statutory entity established under the Securities & Exchange Act having 92 shareholders (as of December 2003) comprising securities companies, banks, insurance companies, investment & trust companies and other financial organizations.
o First American Title Insurance Corp.
First American Title Insurance Company's Korea Branch is the first licensed title insurance company in Korea. Its parent company was founded in 1889 in California and is one of the oldest and largest title insurers in the world.
o Korean Export Insurance Corp.
Highlights KEIC in brief, types of insurance, annual reports, links, organizational chart, domestic and overseas branches.
o The Korean Insurance Development Institute
Introduces KIDI, life insurance, non-life insurance, information center, insurance research center, automobile insurance repair, organizations, chart, member companies, etc.
o Business 2.0 Blogs
Business Blogs in Korea�
o The Korean Blog List
The Korean Blog List. It's very simple really. It's a list of English language blogs which relate to Korea. They may be written by Koreans or non-Koreans, but they all have one thing in common. Korea.

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