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Country Basics
o Facts About Hungary
o Hungary In-Depth
o US State Department Travel Advisory for Hungary
Government Links
o Hungarian Government
The Hungarian Government's Homepage.
o National Bank
Exchange rates and financial data of Hungary.
o Federal Statistics
The official statistical site.
Real Estate
o WorldRealEstate
o Népszabadság
A major national newspaper.
o HVG online
A weekly economics magazin.
o Magyar Hírlap
Another major newspaper.
In-Country Search Engines
o Heuréka
o AltaVizsla
o W. M. Mercer
Management and benefit consuting company.
o Interauditor
Offers tax, accounting, and IT consulting.
o OTP Bank
National Savings and Commercial Bank
o MKB Bank
Hungarian Bank for Businesses.
o Citibank Hungary
o PostaBank
A large Hungarian Bank.
o Inter-Europa Bank
Offers retail, e-commerce, and corporate banking.
Financial Services
o Budapest Stock Exchange
o eBroker
Stock information in Hungarian.
o PricewaterhouseCoopers
Universal consulting firm emphasizing on auditing.
Insurance Companies
o Hungária
o Generaly-Providencia
Hungarian section of the Austrian company.
o Insurance Companies in Hungary

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