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Official Vatican Jubilee 2000 Site
Calendar of the Holy Year 2000
Central Committee for the Great Jubilee
Rome Guide
Local Rome Web guide
Rome Holidays
Enjoy Rome
Rome Tourist Office - Where to go for help and find tours.
CNN: City Guides - Rome
Informative with shopping and nightlife suggestions.
Roma - The Survival Guide
Introduction to Rome culture, lifestyle, & nightlife.
World Travel Directory - Italy
Italian terms, things to do, cafes, restaurants, places to go, & recommendations.
Rome guide in Italian - Nightlife, cultural events, historical explanations, & etc.
Real Rome
A web guide to Rome which includes an interactive map, weather info, and tips.
In Italian, features a map as well as walking tours.
Ristorante Di Rome
Lists restaurants of Rome.
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Successfully Yours
You can book your Rome Vacation with the help of The Internationalist's "Successfully Yours" Personal Travel Service.
Executive Success
Business in Rome? Business anywhere in the world. The Internationalist's "Executive Success" Personal Travel Service can get you there.
Italy Hotel Reservation
Italian hotel reservation system.
Room Service - Hotels in Europe
Booking Service for affordable, family-run hotels in Europe.
Budget Travel - Italy
Budget conscious? This sites for you.
Images of Rome
Free photos of Rome for the non-commercial user.
FreeFoto - The Vatican
More free photos of Rome.
Welcome to Italy
Great explanation of Italian culture as compared to Americans w/suggestions for a better experience in Rome or Italy.
Atevo Travel: Destination Rome
For the basics and tips.
Lonely Planet: Destination Rome
Easy-to-read informative site. Great!
Windows on Italy
Events Italy
Magazine on events and culture in Italy - in English.
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