Leather Luggage

of Italy

This line was born from the pleasure of seeing the thing which we fondly use age with time.
A travelling bag, briefcase, suitcases and other items do not succumb to fashion but are part of it. All the leather used in this line has been tanned with natural and vegetable tannin which makes the items most pleasant to the touch.
One must not forget the typical look of natural leather.
Art. #628
Soft board case with soulder
strap and outside pocket
cm 45x32x33
To Order

    Art. #781
    Cosmetic bag
    cm 25x18x10
    To Order

    Art. #1611
    Clutch with outside pocket
    cm 20x20x12
    To Order

Art. # 542
Soft suitcase
with leather corners
cm 55x38x18 $610.00
cm 65x40x20 $715.00
cm 75x42x21 $810.00
To Order

    Art. # 553
    Top left
    Garment bag
    with shoulder
    cm 53x90x12
    To Order

    Art # 624
    Travel bag
    cm 55x35x25
    To Order

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