E. President Stately elegance.

A delicately carved solid wood floor
mounting and solid brass meridian
enrich and support this handsome
20-inc globe.
Featuring touch-on light control and
an antique-style map with ornate
cartouche and compass rose
embellishments, this globe extends an
air of grace and refinement to its
Diam. 20" (50 cms.), ht. 36" (91 cms.),
wt. 48 lbs. (21,8 Kgs.)
Item #65015
$ 2,950
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G. Olympus Perfect Pairing.

A This usefull Olympus combination
provides the best of both "worlds"
.A 12"raised relief globe on a
Gyro-matic mounting and a full-color,
hard-bound Rand McNally World Atlas
ensconced in a faux marble base.
Polished brass-finish accents enhance
the reach appearance of this striking
duo. Some assembly required.
Diam. 12" (30 cms.), ht. 18" (45 cms.),
wt. 15 lbs. (6.8 Kgs.)
Item #36804 (with Atlas)
$ 195.00
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C. Executive Treasured

A Quality features like a qurtz clock,
brass plated Gyromatic mounting
and handsome walnut-finish wood
base have made the Executive one
of our most popular gift globes. The
angled mounting of the brass
accented clock provides at-a-glace
convenience. Battery included.
Diam. 4.7" (12 cms.), ht. 7" (18 cms.),
wt. 2lbs. (0,9 Kgs.)
Item #41800
$ 95.00
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    B. New Venice Jade

    Brass plated accents, a miniature
    quartz clock and a 4,7" antique
    ocean globe, all share the spotlight
    with a beatifull rich jade colored
    faux granite base, making this a
    unique showpiece. A perfect
    executive gift, or an award as a
    job well done.
    Diam. 4.7" (12 cms.), ht. 7" (18 cms.),
    wt. 1.7lbs. (0.8 Kgs.)
    Item #41410
    $ 89.00
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            I. Cranbrook Approchable

            Designed for easy viewing, this
            12-inch globe includes raised
            relief geographic features and
            a pleasant antique design.
            Burnished brass-plated inclination
            mounting and finial.
            Diam. 12" (30 cms.), ht. 18" (46 cms.),
            wt. 5lbs. (2.3 Kgs.)
            Item #31400
            $ 89.00
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