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US Robotics Pilot

The pocket-size organiser that's always in touch with your PC

It's about 4.7 inches tall, weighs a mere 5.7 ounces (including batteries), and fits comfortably in your shirt pocket or handbag. But for features and functionality, no other organizer quite measure up the new Pilot one-touch organizer. Pilot stores thousands of addresses, telephone numbers, appointments and personal notes - all the information you need to stay organised - and in touch. So you will always have the information you need, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

The first truly connected organiser. Think of Pilot as your automatic link to the personal information stored on your PC. It comes with everything you need to easily enter, edit, import and export information to and from your PC. So no matter how far away from your desk you are, you will always be in touch with your computer. You won't believe how easy it is to stay in sync. Enter data just once, using either your Pilot or your PC. Then drop your Pilot into its docking cradle and press the HotSync button. That's all that is required to keep everything up-to-date on both your Pilot and your computer.

The One-Touch Organiser. Here is evrithing in one complete package- your Pilot organiser, stylus, docking cradle, connecting cable and all the software you need to stay in touch with your PC

Carry thousands of personal information in your pocket or handbag. Pilot store thousands of addresses, telephone, and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and personal notes.

Instantly you know what you have to do today. Touch a button to see the day's agenda. You can make recurring meetings appear automatically. Scan for open time slots during the week. Even attach personal notes or alarms for particular events. With Pilot, it is easy to organise your life the way want.

Pilot 5000
2500 addresses
2400 appointments
500 to do items
500 memos
$ Inquire for Pricing
To Order
Pilot 1000
500 addresses
600 appointments
100 to do items
50 memos
$ Inquire for Pricing
To Order
Pilot 1MB memory upgrade for 1000 or 5000 $ Inquire for Pricing To Order

Pilot Hotsync cable Let's you connect your Pilot directly to your notebook computer $ Inquire for Pricing To Order

Slim Leather Carrying Case Style and protection in a leather wallet with interior pockets for business or credit cards £21.23 $ Inquire for Pricing To Order

Custom Belt Clip Case Custom case with velcro flap that attaches to your belt £16.97 $ Inquire for Pricing To Order

Replacement Stylus Lost your stylus or want to make sure you have a spare? $ Inquire for Pricing To Order

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